I spent the past couple of days with my dear friends Louisa and Lucas at their Big PIcture Farm, on Peaked Mountain outside of Brattleboro, VT. It was a jam-packed 48 hours of checking on the goats (Cy, Manhattan, Orion, Ahmic etc.) were all waiting to give birth to their kids (some of them were first-timers), traipsing through mud (70+ degree weather meant there were only remnants of snow), beautiful walks, and delicious fresh food and drinks. I was lucky enough to witness the birth of the first kid of the season: Eva (named for Eva Hesse) was born to Cy (Twombly -- you must read about their mission on the Big Picture Farm website) on Monday at 5:37pm. Thankfully it was all very hands-off, with us humans just as spectators (and paparazzi), and I didn't have to put any of the "troublesome birth positions" reading I had done the night before into practice! But I did get to snip off little Eva's umbilical cord, so I can now say I've been more involved in an animal birth than a human one! Come fall you can taste Eva and her siblings and friends' hard work in delicious cheeses and caramels.
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